e-Packet – Here’s how it works


The packet is not actually sent to you – the computer files are too big. Instead, the packet is held on a website, and you view it from there.


When you join, you are given a password. This will be used by you on all packets, and won’t normally be changed. Each of you has a different password. Following various access problems the user code and password facilities have now been removed


Like postal packets, each packet has a circulation list, and you move up the list with each new packet.


When a new packet is uploaded, e-packet will email the first person on the circulation list.They normally have a week to look at the packet, after which e-packet “moves the packet” to the next person on the list, and e-packet emails them to tell them that they can now gain access to that packet, and so on. So at any one time, only one person has each packet.


Each packet has books in the usual way, but the books have numbered pages, and these page numbers are unique. Each page can hold up to 20 items, and each of these items is also numbered. To buy from the packet, you simply let e-packet know the book number, page number, item number and selling price, either by post or email, and arrange payment. Then add the appropriate postage cost. Upon receipt of payment by e-packet, the items will be sent to you.


There are several ways to pay:

You can pay by bank credit into e-packet’s bank account

You can pay by Paypal

You can pay by credit card

You can pay the traditional way, by cheque

You can pay with valid, gummed, mint GB stamps, for a total purchase below £2


e-packet will then update the website, marking the item(s) as sold.


Because material cannot be inspected prior to purchase, e-packet guarantees that the quality of items is acceptable, and operates a no-quibble returns policy if you are not satisfied. There will be no creased, thinned or torn items! If an item has defects, these will be stated alongside that item.


Some stamps are notoriously difficult to identify, and e-packet, like most vendors, does it’s best to get things right, but mistakes in this area can and do happen. Also colours are not reproduced faithfully on computers using standard software, so can only be regarded as an indication If, upon receipt of an item, you think that this is the case, please return the item for full refund.



It all sounds very good, but I don’t want to belong to a packet. I just want to buy stamps.