A much wider range of materials can be offered:

Large items (stamp sheets, large covers etc)

Expensive items

Bulky items (prestige booklets etc)


Postal costs are minimised:

There are no “forwarding” costs

If you buy nothing, it costs you nothing

If you pay by Paypal, or bank credit, there are no payment postage costs

You only pay postage on items bought by you


It’s convenient:

View e-packet at home, of course

Or on the train; on your mobile; while you are away; on any computer, anywhere

No trips to the Post Office to obtain proof of posting, or send special deliveries etc


No risk:

The packet can’t be damaged or lost in your possession. You can’t spill coffee on it!

Items cannot be substituted by unscrupulous packet members

You can’t get “unsigned spaces” on pages/books


Overseas customers accepted:

Overseas customers can pay by Paypal


e-packet’s no quibble return guarantee

In case the illustrations don’t reproduce colours faithfully

In case we get it wrong